4 Common Android Car Stereo Speaker Power Problems

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4 Common Android Car Stereo Speaker Power Problems

As easy as car stereo speakers are to install, it is easy to think that their operation is even easier. Frequently, this is not necessarily the case. Many times, whether or not your have recently installed new car audio components, the sound from you speakers may cut out, you may not get any sound at all, or the sound may be distorted. Most people enjoy listening to their Android car stereo when driving and others compete with their car audio systems. Regardless of the level of devotion to your stereo, it is usually important that it at least works. Here you will find some information on common causes of distortion or lack of performance in your car stereo speakers.


Whether the connection is to an amplifier or to the receiver directly, it is worthwhile to check all the connections on the car stereo speakers. Because a vehicle is constantly vibrating while in operation, it is very easy for connections to become loose or to become disconnected all together. Also, make sure that the speaker wires that are used are able to accommodate the power supply needed to operate the speakers. One common symptom of a loose or faulty connections is that the speaker will occasionally work, or it cuts out, or it may not work at all.

Grounding Out

The stereo's system ground or earth wire greatly effects the performance of the overall system, particularly the speakers. In this situation, the user may also experience spotty sound from the speakers, or no sound at all. Try relocating the ground wire to a more secure location and securing it firmly, particularly if it is loose or bouncing around. If the stereo is not properly grounded, it may also pick up on the alternator of the vehicle, resulting in an underlying tone from the stereo that is a buzz or whine that fluctuates as the vehicle's power does.


The use of amplifiers is common and can enhance the sound of a car stereo system greatly. They do, however, make the vehicle's audio system a bit more complex, and knowing how to operate the amplifier is critical to peak performance. If there is an amplifier included in the components of your Suzuki car audio system, check the connections and settings on the amplifier. You may try adjusting the settings on the amp as too much or too little power may be being routed to the speaker.

Blown Speakers

A speaker that has been blown (is damaged due to having too much power routed to it) is not able to be repaired. It needs to be replaced. A blown speaker has a distinct sound to it and the sounds that are emitted are very distorted. It may also be visibly damaged behind the speaker cover. If this is the case and the speaker is blown, the only way to correct the distorted sound is to replace the speaker.

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